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The Nexus Nexcast

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In the connected world, connecting with information and people has never been easier or more interesting! As technology enables us, it also exposes us to ourselves and the vast array of information within our experience and world.

Join us as we question the answers and questions digging deep beyond the ordinary connecting the collection of nuggets across the knowledge realm.

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Host - Robert Bower

Host - Robert Bower

Robert Wes Bower is an autodidact with an insatiable curiosity and highly stimulated and fertile imagination. Driven by a fascination of all things in reality, he enjoys having conversations with interesting people who bring their own experience, knowledge, analysis and observations to the Nexus for interesting conversations.

No subject is safe from scrutiny…

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About The Nexus Nexcast

Driven by an insatiable curiosity with an autodidact proclivity, I find the more I look at that which has been ‘established’ by the range of authoritative experts from the halls of academia, institutions, and ‘officialdum’ have some interesting and serious issues with the narrative that’s been and is being sold as the ‘truth’.

To that end, The Nexus Nexcast has been created to explore both the questions and the answers that have been proffered with all available information, both ‘sanctioned’ as well as ‘alternative’ and independent researchers, authors and thought leaders.

So, if you’re so inclined and of a similar investigative mindset, join us as we take deep dives into the realms of knowledge and understanding searching for that which is and that which isn’t.



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